A Guide of Seduction: The Venusian Arts

A Guide of Seduction: The Venusian Arts

A Guide of Seduction: The Venusian Arts

An Introduction to the Art of Pick Up

Told and retold again is the belief that the greatest mystery to a man is one far more prevalent than most would imagine: women.

And, the saying does have some credibility. What man can truly understand a woman? A girl? A lady? In the eyes of a man, everything they do is irrational and unpredictable, they have outrageous justifications for even more ridiculous motives, and worst of all, they don’t like football.

To be truly honest, I’m not talking about simply “understanding” a women. As, I’d assume, most guys aren’t. We are evolutionarily engineered to try and seduce women. It’s only natural.

Yet, since when, among all things, did ever seducing a woman get so challenging? Playing hard to get or sending them flowers are polar opposites, each of which can send a woman running.

Wouldn’t it be amazing for guys to find the answer on how to seduce women? I’d love to find the answer, but there is no right answer. The answer, rather, lies in the journey getting there.

My starting point was a few months back, though I haven’t accomplished much. I’ve been interested in the fabled community of pick up artists for a while now; it is filled with those who have the answers on how to seduce women, and those who can lock eyes with women and the deal is already closed. So, where else to start than with a book?

Recommended by my brother, I picked up the bestselling nonfiction, “The Game” by Neil Strauss. After only a hundred pages in, I was lured into the community. Strauss’ insights into women, about what they do and why they do it, all seemed to be true. Inside it, I learned terms like:

DHV, AFC, PUA, sarge, target, set, friendzone, among several others. This secret community had enlightened me. No longer were girls simply an incomprehensible entity, they had become a categorized and well-documented creature. Something so real, like the pick up community, was more engaging than I had ever imagined.

One of the main premises of the book was that all people are evolutionarily wired. Accordingly, both men and women had two main goals in life: to survive and to replicate. In today’s culture, surviving is far easier than it was for cavemen.

Replication, on the other hand, more difficult. Men had to ensure that their genes are passed on so that their genetic line survives, and thus, replicated as much as possible. Women, on the other hand, had ensured survival by being protected by a strong man.

This evolutionary trait has been passed on even to today’s culture, wired into every woman you see. Women don’t need men who cannot defend themselves against other men, they need strong men to ensure their way of life.

Strong men can be guaranteed by wealth, influence, brute strength, and many other things. Granted, some men, probably like you and I, don’t have all the qualities of an ideal guy. Hopefully, we wouldn’t want them either.

Either way, the goal of pick up artists is to demonstrate that you have the qualities of those women, whether or not you actually do. This, alone, will trigger them to think “yes” and “no” to certain guys. Now, the question is, how do we, as guys, incorporate these qualities into our way of life?

Two terms that very important in this field: inner game and outer game. Inner game consists of your internal confidence and quick responses, while outer game consists of your outer routines that you can use on women to produce similar results. Both of them can be improved, and both are critical toward becoming a pick up artist.

Well, not surpisngly, a lot of these pick up stories found in their books are credible. The evidence lies all over the Internet and YouTube. Similarly, their tactics seemed to trigger a thought in me that often said, “Why didn’t I think of that? It such a smarter approach.”

Well, here are the books that have all those ideas inside them. If you’re interested in pursuing the art of pick up, here’s where to start:

The Venusian Arts Handbook

I recommend this only if you have extra time. This is one of the books that started it all, but there has been tons of development, and this is arguably outdated.

The Mystery Method

From one of the founders of the pick up community, Mystery, this book outlines the vital steps toward cracking the shields of a woman and finally seducing her. A very good introductory point.

Double Your Dating

Written by David DeAngelo, who focuses on inner game more than outer game, this is a very important book in understanding how to develop your way of thinking. Highly recommended.

The 48 Laws of Power

Written by Robert Greene, this book, though not meant for pick up, is related. It explores the ideas of how to gain and maintain power, similar to that of The Prince, yet far more modern. To be a strong, confident, and leading person, this book is a crucial read.

Magic Bullets

This is book is great for understand outer game. It will show you how to use and make routines, and why. With this and David DeAngelo’s book, you should have a solid foundation for pick up.

In conclusion, I highly recommend these books if you want to learn more about pick up. When you study pick up, you’re not only learning how to get women, but how the human mind works. I’m truly fascinated by this and I hope a few readers are now motivated to learn more about this field.

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