Adventures with a Pick Up Artist

Adventures with a Pick Up Artist

Adventures with a Pick Up Artist

What if I told you that there existed an underground group of men with the uncanny ability to attract any woman they pleased? If you’re anything like me, you’ll quickly dismiss it as a fairy tale.

I mean, women are the most complicated things on the planet to understand, at least to men anyways. If someone’s figured out the greatest mystery known the mankind, I sure want to be in on it.

So imagine my surprise when a good friend of mine introduces me to “Odin”. That’s not his real name, but as he so delightfully informed us, every pick up artist has a codename. Don’t go back and read the previous sentence again, you read it right the first time. Odin is a professional pick up artist.

The “art” first gained cadence on the West Coast, no surprisingly, as the clubs and tourist attractions made it a prime location to meet women. The pioneers were PUAs (the codename for “pick up artist”) under the monikers of “Style”, “Swingcat”, “Tyler Durden”, and many more. Apparently, some of the well known pick up artists charge up to $1000/week to live and personally tutor you.

The basic fundamentals behind the pick up artist’s methodology of hooking up with women is quite offensive to those that believe in equality between the genders. Their reasoning is that their method works because women instinctively “know their role” as subservient to men.

All you have to do is the simple task of placing them in that role, usually the usage of a “neg”. To “neg” a woman is to show a false disinterest in her.

Odin explains that this could be done with the simplest of actions such as blowing your nose in front of a female that you are pursuing, to a light insult. Just enough to get their interest, but not to completely destroy the potential relationship.

The PUA rates girls on a HB scale (HB being an acronym for “hot babe) of 1-9. The higher the rating, the more attractive the female is. One note is that the HB scale only uses physical attractiveness in the calculation.

Personality isn’t even considered at all, because the ultimate goal of the PUA is the “lay”. If you have any knowledge whatsoever of modern slang words, it should be very obvious as to what the “lay” is.

In the life of a PUA, women are regarded as trophies. The PUA usually takes lots of risque pictures and video, and posts them to the internet on PUA forums.

As his reputation increases, he may eventually take the route of charging others for counseling in the form of books all the way to a move in trainer charging upwards to $2500 a month! Odin informed me that he was not yet to the level of teacher, but one would easily be able to learn from him by simply monitoring his actions.

I told him he’d be hard pressed to convince me that he has some magical power over women, in which he quickly corrected me by telling me that it’s all scientific and not magical at all.

I had to admit, Odin had a strange sense of confidence about him, one that I don’t see from many people. It was like he honestly believed in what he was saying.

Of course I didn’t, because the laws of nature wouldn’t allow such a dangerous tool to exist.. could it? It was time to put Odin to the test. Pass or fail, I was throughly interested in knowing what the result would be.

Odin and I were ready to begin the experiment. At first there were a few minor setbacks, mainly in where I wanted the experiment to take place. I for one, didn’t want to go to a club because in my opinion, hooking up with a bunch of drunk college girls wouldn’t prove if the PUA’s method worked or not.

I wanted to a locale where the girls weren’t there anticipating leaving with a guy that night. As we drove downtown, the perfect locale popped up over the horizon. The bowling alley.

The college kids went there for a good and wholesome game of bowling, not for a one night stand. At least that was my reasoning. Odin seemed a bit annoyed with my choice of where I should put him to the test.

Victory, maybe? Not quite, according to Odin. Odin explained that only HB 8 girls and under went to places like a bowling alley on a Friday night. He was in the mood for the ever illusive HB 9.

I was still sticking to the bowling alley idea, however. I was bound determined to see if he could really just walk up to a girl, insult her, and leave with her that night.

We arrived at the bowling alley. It wasn’t too crowded, but there were enough girls so that Odin wouldn’t be able to use the excuse that he couldn’t find anyone he didn’t like. He began to “seek”, the term for searching out potential – dare I say it – targets.

Suddenly, there was a glimmer in his eyes. He had found the girl he wanted. “HB 7, over by the arcade machines,” he said, grabbing my arm and tugging as hard as he could. “When we get over there, you don’t say a word. For obvious reasons. You’ll make me look bad,” he instructed.

I knew I should’ve been angry, but I was far too excited to be insulted. As we approached her, she looked right into Odin’s face and gave him a look that said “oh great, another one.”

The girl was definitely a looker, though. Odin’s standards must be much higher than mine, because she was an HB 9 in my book. She was short and skinny with long brown hair, with a long slender face and an excellent frame.

She had two little blonde kids running around her, yelling various demands in which she quickly continued to shoot down.

The kids were obviously not hers, as the blonde hair pretty much ruled that out, aside from the fact that they simply just didn’t look like her. Odin sits down and proceeds to tell her that 23 years old is too young to be having two little kids around the age of 7. At first, she looked shocked.

Then I saw her hand twitched as if she wanted to slap him. What happened next was absolutely shocking. She smiled. It wasn’t a big and toothy smile, but more along the lines of a smirk.

Regardless of how big the smile was, it was still a smiled. She had been negged. Could it be true? Could the laws of nature not apply to this select group of irresistable men? Well, from the giant soda that the young lady dumped into Odin’s lap, I’d say no.

Odin jumped up as fast as he could.

Perhaps he jumped up from the cold ice on his grown, or from the shock of being humiliated in front of me. Regardless, Odin failed the experiment.

He called the girl an expletive and began to storm off. I followed him, wondering what went wrong. He informed me that even the best fail sometime, and that he was going home. That was the end of the line for Odin.

I’m not going to say that there’s no science behind the PUA method. I do feel that some of the PUAs do have have excellent conversational skills, which is very important to establishing rapport with someone.

I will also add that there are thousands of positive testimonies on the internet regarding PUA training, so at least it has to be working for someone. I’ll even go as far as to blame Odin’s failure on him being overconfident as a beginner. It doesn’t seem, however, that the greatest mystery the world has ever known has been solved yet.

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