How to Pick Up a Girl – Four Simple Steps to Get a Date with a Girl

How to Pick Up a Girl – Four Simple Steps to Get a Date with a Girl

How to Pick Up a Girl – Four Simple Steps to Get a Date with a Girl

There are plenty of men who are so lucky to have been gifted with the right skills of how to pick up a girl for a date. However, there are also several men who are so unlucky when it comes to picking up a girl to be their date, for they would always end up being rejected. If you’re one of these men, well, it’s about time that you learn the skills of how to easily ask a girl for a date.

Try to be unbiased with your opinions

This means that you should start talking to a girl by asking her questions that are not based on your own opinion. Always start by directing your questions towards the girl, and ask questions like, “What can you say about the movie?” or “Do you enjoy the fighting scenes on the movie?”

Make sure to listen well to her answers before you voice out your own opinions and do not start your conversation by sharing your own opinions first, for this will just make her feel that you are trying to be arrogant.

Remember that opener is irrelevant if you cannot escalating and building rapport afterwards; discover how to do it in flirting a girl.

Come up with your own pick-up lines

A lot of those pretty girls are so used to being approached with pick-up lines by different men everyday. If you want to make her to notice you, come up with your own pick-up lines, because a lot of girls would find this so attractive.

Be calm and casual all throughout your conversation, and if you are fond of making jokes, then come up with one, so she won’t feel bored.

Be real

When it comes to learning how to pick up a girl, always make sure to exude high level of confidence, but just be yourself and be real. This simply means to treat the girl normally, just like how you would treat some other girls in the crowd.

Although it is just okay to make her feel special, avoid overdoing it, because she might feel uncomfortable with this.

Close the deal

After a few minutes of having a great time with her, it’s time to cut things off by asking if she wants to go to other place with you. Utilize any stupid reason that you can think of (like show her your Dvd collection or such thing) to ask her to visit your place.

That way, she’ll have a reason to visit your place without labeling herself as a slut. Much more about this in how to get a girl in bed.

If you cannot have that, then you’ll have to settle with securing her phone number. If she is not comfortable with giving you her address nor her phone number, then do not force her, and maybe come up with a Joke like you promise not to call her up to 50 times each day.

If she still will not buy your joke, and will not give out any of her contact information, then accept the fact that she’s not just really interested on you.

Now that you are aware about some of the most effective ways of how to pick up a girl, it’s time that you stop sitting there and simply admiring all those beautiful girls that you come across with.

Just follow any of these tips, and you’ll certainly end up with a date in no time. No matter how pretty she is, and how many guys are dying to have a date with her, you’ll certainly be able to get her attention if you apply these tips.

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