How to Pick Up Girls: A Systematic Approach

How to Pick Up Girls: A Systematic Approach

How to Pick Up Girls: A Systematic Approach

If you’re a guy, then you know that it can sometimes be difficult trying to get that special girl whom you have laid eyes upon. Girls can be a tricky subject.

They are very elusive and can seem impossible to even talk to, especially the really gorgeous ones. But fear not, the following are some tips that will help you, the lucky guy, to be able to talk to and ask out on a date any female you so desire.


Girls aren’t too fond of guys who act like slobs, idiots, or criminals. Girls aren’t necessarily looking for a guy who acts and dresses like an English butler, but they do desire a certain sense of style in their man. Therefore, the way you act could directly affect the chances of you getting the girl of your dreams.

Make sure you’re polite. Speak well and enunciate properly. Don’t slouch when you walk. Put your shoulders back and your chin up. Be a “strong man”. Girls like that.

Clothes and Shoes

What are you wearing that could cause the girl you’ve laid eyes upon to reject you? Are your clothes wrinkled or tattered? Do they smell? Are they out of style? These are the questions that you must ask yourself. I can only tell you what girls prefer.

Girls prefer their guys to be mildly up to date with all of the latest fashion trends. Don’t wear stonewashed jeans and flannel shirts if you’re attempting to attract the female of your desires. Dress casually and don’t let your clothes be too tight. Loosen up a bit and let your guard down.

As for your shoes, penny-loafers won’t do. Clean work boots or brand name tennis shoes like Nike will help complete your image.

Your Smell

It can be said that memory is most tied into scent. Therefore it’s important to smell nice so that the girl you’re trying to get to go on a date with you won’t pass-out when she takes a whiff of your presence. Apply some cologne, not too much, but just enough to freshen up the atmosphere around you. Try Calvin Klein or Tommy Hilfiger brand.

Also, make sure you’re wearing a nice deodorant. I prefer “Old Spice” but “Axe” brand makes a nice scent too.

Your Approach

When you decide to approach the girl that you’re trying to get to go out with you, make sure you don’t seem too desperate for a date. Approach her calmly, coolly, and collected.

Start up a conversation with her, don’t instantly ask her out on a date. Girls don’t appreciate this too much. Whatever you do, make sure you seem interested in what she has to say! Girls like it when you pay attention to them.

Go get her, tiger!

Don’t stretch out your encounter with the girl you’re trying to get for too long. You don’t want to pass up the opportunity to actually ask her out on a date, would you?

Keep the conversation short, simple, and to the point. Then, when it feels most natural, pop the million dollar question. Ask the girl out for a drink, a cup of coffee, or to dinner. If you played your cards right, she should smile and say, “okay!”.

Below is a systematic approach to picking up a girl:

5 Steps to Picking Up a Girl

Step 1

FOCUS ON YOUR PREY. So you’re in the bar, right, and you spot your girly girl. You try to be all smooth sneaking glances. She knows you’re looking but doesn’t let on. (The girl ALWAYS knows you’re looking.)

So when you approach, play on that. Treat her like an old pal you’re having an argument with. Walk by her, half looking, and bump her gently like you’re trying to start a fight. If you do it right, she’ll play along.

Step 2

FIRST CONTACT. Say, “Oh, so you want some?” (Double entendre.) She’ll be like, “Whatever’s clever, Trevor.” Then you’re like, “We can go outside and settle this, or we can have a drink and settle this like gentlemen.

You’re buying, of course.” This turns the tables on the girl, who is used to the lame line of “Can I buy you a drink?” It shows confidence, fun, and wit.

Step 3

CONVERSATION. She might play along and actually buy you the drink. If so, you’re so money. Even if not, the point is to continue the fun interaction that nobody had the confidence or the wit to start but you.

So make up a scenario. “I don’t appreciate you chickening out on that threesome we had planned last week. What happened, figured you couldn’t handle it?” Something sexual. Be fun.

Girls go to bars to brush off the losers and have crazy stories to tell their girlfriends about all the lamers who hit on them. So if you’re not a lamer, but a strong, sexually charged yet subtle gentleman, it throws her for a loop. And what do girls do when they get thrown for a loop? That’s right; get horny!

Step 4

THE MOVE. So when you’ve got the conversation heated up to a fever pitch, you’re both talking about sex or however the conversation goes, you’ve got to move her to a one-on-one situation as quickly as possible and get physical before she burns out.

So take charge. Once she follows your conversation, that means she respects you. If she respects you, she’ll let you lead her. Watch the eyes and body posture.

If she starts making come hither eyes, blinking a lot, and making her body posture smaller like she needs protection, or starts talking in a baby voice, make the move. Take her hand or motion strongly for her to go where you want her to go.

Step 5

CLOSE. After you’re in the place you want to be, lead strongly. Now’s the time to drop the player act, and tell her how physically beautiful she is as you slowly begin to have your way.

The secret to sex is, you lead physically, but she leads mentally. Contrary to popular belief, girls always make the first move by giving subtle hints as to what they want you to do.

If you do that, you get a gold star and move on to the next level. So pay attention and have fun, and you’ll have a wonderful experience, you’ll give her a wonderful experience, and the world will be better overall. Hollaback!!

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