How to Talk to Girls: 4 Simple Steps

How to Talk to Girls: 4 Simple Steps


When attempting to talk to an attractive girl you may get nervous or intimidated. That is natural but you shouldn’t let it stop you. The more you practice talking to women the easier it will get. It’s important to keep trying and to always remain confident in yourself.

If you want her to think that you are great then YOU need to think you are great. While the self-deprecating, nerdy guy can be cute and endearing but you probably won’t get many phone numbers that way. Follow these 4 simple steps on how to talk to girls and see what happens! You have nothing to lose and plenty to gain!

1. Make Eye Contact

Confidence is key! Making eye contact will show that you are a secure person and will put her at ease. Looking around the room or at your feet will give the impression of a lack of self-esteem and that you are a nervous wreck.

Although it’s cute to seem humbled by her you should never give the impression that you feel uncomfortable or anxious around her. Confidence is the # 1 sexiest thing about any man!

2. Smile

Smile. Smile. Smile. Happy people make other people happy. They make conversations enjoyable and they put others at ease. You want to do all of that when talking to an attractive girl.

Be careful not to plaster on a fake smile. Make it a genuine, joyful smile. Let her know that you are happy to be getting to know her!

3. Tell a Joke

If you are feeling stalled or running out of things to say then tell a joke. Laughter is the key to a woman’s heart. A sense of humor is almost as sexy as self-confidence. In fact they go hand in hand.

A man who is confident will deliver a joke with ease and will smile (see # 2) and laugh along with a woman. He won’t act overly serious, nervous or cocky. Let her see your fun side and she will be hooked.

4. Compliment Her

This should go without saying but, surprisingly, many men chicken out about this part. It doesn’t do much good to be funny, cute, happy and confident if you don’t let her know that you think she is pretty great too.

You can complement her physical appearance but stay away from commenting on her butt, legs, boobs or other sexual body parts. Also, try complimenting her clothes, her smile, her laugh or her mind.

Women love to be told they are pretty but they get told that a lot. Tell her something that she doesn’t hear as often and you will stand out from the crowd.

Be yourself. Be yourself. Be yourself. Be confident. Be happy and funny and be complimentary but MOST OF ALL, BE YOURSELF!

It’s not so much what you say when you are talking to girls as it is how you say it. Show them who you are and let them see that you like yourself. You will be amazed at the response that you will get!