Pick-up Lines: Do They Really Mean Anything?

Pick-up Lines: Do They Really Mean Anything?

Pick-up Lines: Do They Really Mean Anything?

Pick-up lines in the dating world are akin to political talk by governors looking for election. You know, when you say someone has a nice smile it is done with about the same sincerity of someone saying they love your hat when in reality they just want your vote.

Everybody knows this. Especially the person saying their line. You always assume that the person hearing the line can differentiate between authenticity and a throw away quote.

Actually these sayings aren’t even false. They’re more done as an add-on. They’re used to make you look way better than you are. You can’t just tell somebody about yourself and think they will like you for you so you add some line for effect.

This talk happens every day. Not just with dating or the political world but in everyday life. They’re so common that they’re forgotten all of the time. You hear a new one and it replaces the last one you heard only to surely be forgotten when the next one comes your way.

Or so I thought. Recently I was alerted by a co-worker of a line I used on a female that we both work with. The female had told the co-worker what I had said almost two years prior.

This is amazing. She hadn’t been studying the line (at least I hope not) but she remembered it exactly. I had even fogotten it offhand. I recalled it after hearing it but it wasn’t on the top of my mind either.

Two years is a lot of time. Think about all the stuff that has gone on in your life in that time. There are big events, lots of fun activities, and everything else that has occupied your time.

Just think about your dating life by itself. You’ve probably met tons of people, been to many bars, and been on many different dates. Even those people don’t have a space in your memory bank.

I’ll use myself as an example to help illustrate this point. Within those two years I have asked numerous females out, been out on a number of dates, and been in two lengthy relationships (am currently happily in one). Most of the lines that I have used on the females that I asked out previously are forgotten. That’s just the way it works.

In fact, this particular line that is being referred to was erased from my memory very fast. As a note, it should be said that I have a very good memory so it’s not like I forget everything. That is the furthest thing from the truth.

However, with new females of interest what was said that particular day was not on my mind even a week or two later (when I asked another female out).

Previously when friends would talk to me about their exes and ask if they were being thought of by their former love we would both laugh and predict that it wasn’t the case.

However, maybe we should think differently. Maybe you should watch what you say or how you act because somebody might believe what you say or do to be true no matter how you meant it to come off.

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